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Innovate Entrepreneur Academy and Innovate Business Hosting is supporting you through a fully hosted Learning Management System


24 months 50% discounted business-grade learning management system.

Your website will be on a Business Plan designed for better performance that has great specs and in a Sydney, Singapore, USA or India Data Center. For all hosting at our other world wide regions, please contact us directly.

Expert Support and Engineering team based in Australia. Local 1300 number in Australia and Singapore

Speak to local engineers based in Australia.

Your website will load faster from a data center closer to your customers.

Includes a free SSL certificate for 24 months.

Includes a free migration service from your existing provider.

Innovate Ahead Group is helping small businesses get online quickly during the COVID‑19 crisis with custom domains free for 2 years along with our wordpress content management system powered by world class web hosting infrastructure.

The COVID-19 crisis has left the Australian and global economy in a difficult place, with brick-and-mortar small businesses and solopreneurs across industries feeling this burden especially. Now more than ever, businesses need to stay connected to their customers and sustain their business, even if their doors are closed.

By giving away custom domains free for 2 years along with building or growing your website with a strong website platform – in addition to expert guidance and complete access to our  technology and marketing and business advisory services, we can take on a small piece of the financial stress small businesses are feeling and allow them to pivot their businesses quickly. Users can search for and obtain their free custom domain, like .com, .co, .net, etc. here …

“Empowering small businesses is our mission, and in this moment, we all feel that deeply. This is an opportunity to provide immediate support to stores that suddenly need to move online during this crisis,” said Gary Gopinathan, CEO, Innovate Ahead Group. “Traditionally, web hosting has operated as an upfront tax on founders’ dreams and aspirations, embodied in their choice of domain as they get started. Our freemium business model uniquely positions us to offer small businesses everything they need to get online fast and stay in touch with their audience, now including free custom domains on top of free websites, email, social, and more. When our small business customers are struggling, we’re able to give them essential tools at a price that matches their ability to pay.”

Innovate Ahead Group has expanded the ability to purchase domains and build websites for free in the fall of 2019. Since then, we’ve made significant improvements to the features and how they tie into our all-in-one marketing platform. In a few weeks, we’ll offer consumers the ability to search for and buy .coms outside of the app directly on our websites.

As an additional response to the COVID-19 crisis, Innovate ahead Group will invest further to help drive new and ongoing business for our small business customers through price discounts, product upgrades, add-ons, and more. This includes $1 million worth of Entrepreneur Academy service for existing customers who want to continue using Innovate Ahead Group platform but need some financial support during this period, and offering three months of free Standard service for  non profit orgnaizations responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

Term and Conditions

*Free Domain offer provided through a discount of $25/year for two years (“promotional period”) when you purchase a web hosting package with Innovate Ahead Group and keep it active through Innovate Business Hosting for 24 months. Offer open between 23/7/20 to 23/10/2020. Publishing and keeping active a website means: (A) creating and publishing a website on the root domain through Innovate Business Hosting and (B) keeping that website published and active for the remainder of the promotional period (the “publication and activity requirement”).  Innovate Business Hosting will determine what meets the publication and activity requirement. Use of Innovate Business Hosting standard domain holding page on your domain will not suffice for meeting the publication and activity requirement. Subject to your continued eligibility, Innovate Business Hosting will apply a $25 discount to your domain cost, once a year for up to 2 total years. Max value of offer is $50 over 2 years. If you fail to meet and maintain the publication and activity requirement, then your discount will not be renewed. After the discount ends, Innovate Business Hosting will automatically bill your card on file at Innovate Business Hosting‘s then-current annual rate for that domain once every 12 months. You may choose not to renew your domain registration by disabling automatic-renewal by contacting Innovate Business Hosting customer support. However, if you disable automatic renewal, all domain discounts shall immediately end and you will lose ownership of your domain upon expiration of the domain. Innovate Business Hosting may, but is not obligated to, send you one or more reminder emails to publish a website on your root domain so that you may maintain the $25/year discount for the next year. Redemption of this offer requires: (A) registering a domain through Innovate Business Hosting (which requires accepting and complying with Innovate Business Hosting’s Additional Terms for Hosting, (B) creating a Innovate Business Hosting account (which requires accepting and complying with Innovate Business Hostings Standard Terms of Use and (C) meeting and maintaining the publish and activity requirement (which requires accepting and complying with Innovate Business Hosting’s Aditional Terms for Websites (together, the “Innovate Ahead Group Terms of Use”).

Valid credit card or debit card required for domain registration and continued eligibility. Prepaid cards prohibited. Limit of one offer redemption per household (including, but not limited to, limited to one per Innovate Business Hosting account, email address, physical address, phone number, and payment method). We do not offer domain registration services for users outside of Oceania and Asia at this time. If you have failed to comply with the Innovate Business Hosting Terms of Use, you are not eligible for this offer. No other discounts apply to this offer. At all times, you shall be responsible for paying for the cost of any other plans or add-ons, including, but not limited to, fees associated with Innovate ahead Group products. Discount immediately ends upon discontinuation of ownership of the domain or termination of your Innovate Business Hosting account. If you select a currency other than the US Dollar, your discount will be subject to exchange rates and applied in your chosen currency. Website must remain hosted on the root domain through Innovate Business Hosting to remain eligible for discount. Domains existing prior to 23/7/2020 and domains acquired from outside Innovate Business Hosting are not eligible for the discount. Innovate Business Hosting may withdraw this offer at any time, at its sole discretion. Innovate Ahead Group may also modify or change these terms and its fees and pricing structure at any time, in which case, only the discounts stated in this offer shall apply and you shall be responsible for paying any price difference.