Anyone willing to learn  and live good values, values people and collaborate with them can change their world!

Innovate Entrepreneurs Academy Change Your World Transformation Table

6 weekly 1-hour group sessions where we learn and discuss good values that will transform us into greater leaders.

Transformation Tables

The Change Your World Movement’s foundation is the Transformation Table. It’s a simple method for bringing people around the table to share common values that will empower each person to first experience their own transformation while they learn to grow with others around the table.

The Change Your World Movement

John C Maxwell kicked off the Change Your World campaign in the month of December 2020

Change Your World. Join the movement.

John and Rob share their decades of experience bringing transformation to communities and countries in Change Your World. Millions of lives have been positively impacted and they distill the key principles necessary to bring about transformation. However, they are not content to let the story end with telling you about what is possible, they want to empower you to Change Your World and have created a platform to walk us through a transformational process.

The process begins with an emphasis on learning and taking action around universal values that are foundational to transformation and then moves to connect you with others who are passionate about a common cause while learning how to move from good intentions to good actions, and then EVERY SINGLE person is asked to move to the ACTION phase where s/he uses tools provided to identify a need around them and figure out what steps they can take to make a difference right where they are.

It’s time to stop pointing out the problems all around us and to step up and do something positive to make our world better and brighter. Together we can change our world!

TRANSFORMATION happens in 6 ways

Innovate Entrepreneurs Academy Change Your World Transformation table format

We are excited to see you want to be part of transformation in our world! Excellent time to learn and grow

What Do You Value?

Do you see a need for positive change somewhere around you? Are you willing to learn and live good values? We’ve traveled the world and interacted with people from every continent and from more cultures than we can count. And we are convinced about one thing: Transformation is possible for anyone willing to learn and live good values, value people, and collaborate with them to create a positive values culture.

That means you can change your world. The question is: What do you value most?

Join Gary Gopinathan in your growth journey to become the person you are destined to be!

Program Details:

Start Date:  10 February 2021

Trasnformation Table Time(s):

12.00 PM to 1.00 pm, AEST – Melbourne Time

7.00 pm PM to 8.00 PM, AEST – Melbourne Time

11.00 pm PM to 12.00 AM, AEST – Melbourne Time

Investment: FREE


Transformation Tables are values-based leadership development lessons, designed to encourage self-reflection and consistent action.

  • They are 6 weeks long, 1 lesson each week.
  • Each table lesson lasts 1 hour.
  • There is no cost for Transformation Tables.